About Dance, Beauty and Fashion.

By Roni Rabl Beauty is in the eyes of the Beholder.This time I was the Beholder and I liked what I saw. Izik Galilee, Israeli born and very talented. He made his acquaintance with fame on stages in all the capitals in Europe and wow…. did I love his latest piece - Man of the Hour.
The senses are tuned to see, hear and feel, all at the same time.The group of dancers is an All Men group, with 2 Opera singers who participate in the performance as well. Izik is a choreographer who uses all the senses to envelop us in his creation.The stage is beautifully lit to enhance the male body and the extraordinary beautifully framed pictures he creates for us.
The music moves from Classic to Modern & from Jazz to Jungle Beat. Meanwhile our eye consciousness is also affected by the beautifully thought costumes. It starts with a classic Toxido suit worn by the dancers. Eventually they are left on stage to dance with the top part of their bodies naked and the bottom part with what can be seen as Skirt or a tied jacket or upside-down Toxido. It is left for us to decide what we see. I found it pleasing the way Fashion can play a part in Art.

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