A view point on Structure

By Roni Rabl
When using the word Structure one imagines architecture; houses come to mind.
In women's fashion we had men's suits and wide shoulder pads defining structure in styling women's clothes.
ArtPoint_4-X2 Art Point
The new wave of Cutting Edge designing & styling for women goes one step forward. No more imitating menswear. The major change is in the viewpoint that Style is more character & attitude than mere fashion.
As Lena Kvadrat from Art Point says: "Women are stronger today, socially and economically. They wish to enhance their position in society also via garments without loosing the Erotic appeal." Lena is adamant against using the word Sexy. She stamps her foot and says: Erotic is not Sexy.
Artpoint_2-X2 Art Point
When "Coco" Chanel revolutionized style, she stripped it down in giving clothes simplicity, clarity of line & functionality. Art Point is the New Buzzz... This is what we have been waiting for.
ArtPoint_5-X2 Art Point

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