Thought of the Week: Working Etiquette?

This past weekend, I treated my son and his new fiance to a 5 star hotel stay in DC as a special engagement gift.
I was so excited for them to have a perfect, pampered weekend.

Saturday check in was slow but went well enough.
The room was beautiful, facing the water with a nice balcony but the ashtray on the table was full of leftover cigarettes.
Tapas dinner on the roof was unable to accomodate the cocktails ordered off the menu due to lack of alcohol. (This young couple doesn't drink fancy drinks ) and the restaurant only had one server who couldn't handle the whole floor.
The front desk did not know how to answer when breakfast  began or ended and the host at breakfast wasn't available to speak to them the next morning. She was not at the front when they came in.
It was a beautiful weekend overall and they were so thankful but I was left a bit frustrated and wondered about our new world and how businesses in every industry are suffering from lack of help or lack of good help. 

Airlines cancel flights due to lack of staff, restaurants don't have servers, childcare is hard to find, factories struggle to find help, employees want to work remotely.
It will take a while to study this new reality and adjust accordingly.
We all have to look into our businesses and make priorities. What's more important? Quality or quantity? 
How does this new world affect your business? How does it affect your daily life and travel too?

Happy Monday,

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