Thought of the week: The Roni Rabl 4th Bi-Annual Community event

Roni Rabl Community

Over 50 stores made it to the event, demonstrating the strength of OUR community. Apart from a great and fun catwalk, we also had a chance to meet Zeekit, a new technology which allows your customers to see how collections look on them. It's important for me to stress that I don't get any commission or benefits from Zeekit - my goal here is to help us, retailers, grow and strive and to present all that is out there for us to use. The discussion that followed the Zeekit presentation was very emotional and strong. It echoed the question - are we competing against each other and against our own existing online stores by using such technology? Zeekit The goal with Zeekit is to help you create your own web presence with zero effort. This is a web presence that you can use to share with your customers. This is a web presence you can use to promote with google ads. The people viewing the link will NOT see a world similar to sites such as Etsy or Shoptiques where you see suggested items from other stores. It is YOUR store ONLY they see. You are not in competition with Zeekit or with one another. Your customers see your store only. It was great to see you all and hope to see all of you - those who made it and those who didn't - in our next Community event! Happy Monday and a great Spring season to all of us! Yael

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