Thought of the week - The ALEMBIKA Lady

Last week I was asking you who is the woman we are all trying to dress. Who is she? How old is she? What does she do? I want to share with you what Ellie, from Chameleon in Sherman Oaks California, did. She put together an album of several of her customers who sent their photos. Words will not do justice to the joy I felt looking through them. So, I will just share them with you and thank Ellie for doing it for us. These are the women I want to clothe and look up to. And you, the owners and buyers, are the women who dress them all. What a pleasure! Enjoy! Happy Monday, Yael
  • This is Eva Robbins. Eva is a Cantor/Rabbi and author. She wears a lot of Alembika in her work which is very spiritual. She is much loved in the Jewish community in L.A.
  • This is Grace and Carlos Lopes. Grace is a retired (although she does not look old enough) Physical Therapist for special needs children. Carlos runs a fabulous new hotel in Santa Barbara called the Hotel California (yes, like the song).
  • Andee Lee - teacher and a maven of fashion perfection. Always spot on in her style.
  • Michelle Bennett. Phd. Professor at Cal State Northridge. And, the nicest woman u have ever met!
  • Amy Freidman - author of several children's books and more. Advocate for children of prisoners. Teaches writing at UCLA. Many T.V. spots - wears Alembika for most.
  • Donna Scott - writer and co-business owner of an engineering co. Writes critiques for a French online publication.
  • Nancy Meller - a real doll to dress. Artist and Yoga star.
  • Me! Check out the leopard tennis shoes.
  • Me again!!! I am so drawn to effortless simple but funky styles. Not so good with selfies.

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