Thought Of The Week - Showing Up

Last June when I visited Israel, I arrived a day after a good friend's party celebrating her getting a professor's diploma after many years of working towards it. It was a very special event. She showed me photos and a video of her speech. It was very moving. 

She had told me about the party the week before. I could have changed my flight and arrived a day early.
She didn't expect me there and there were no hard feelings between us, but looking at the photos, seeing friends and family I heard about during the years and never met, seeing her so happy, I made a mental note to myself and a vow that i will try to make it to these special events moving forward.

I want to be there in those precious life's intersections, to be there with my loved ones and collect memories together. It's an effort, it's sometimes costly, but I want to try and do it. It makes a difference. My nephew gave me a chance last weekend. He announced his wedding 2 months ago in Israel. I said I was coming. (Not a good date for me so I decided to go for 3 days, just for that).

Being next to my sister and brother in law, my mother, my nephews, to help the morning of (the wedding was in my sister's back yard), sharing the intense love and being with our family and friends was so worth it!

It was a long and expensive flight but worth every minute, priceless! 

How do you collect memories? 

Happy Monday.


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