Thought of the week - Seasons

I grew up in Israel where there is mainly one season which is Summer! We have a few months that we call winter when we have some rain and it's a bit cooler in the north of the country and in Jerusalem. Beach season is year round. Moving to the US was a big surprise. Who knew that Spring was a real season! And what a pleasure! Experiencing the greens of nature come back to life, feeling the weather changes and being truly part of all of it. And then came Resort! Learning about the cruise ships was another cultural shock. One cruise ship is like the size of Tel Aviv :) And people dress up for it! How exciting! So I told Hagar at Alembika about it and she was shocked too:) but made a great group out of it imagining her ladies walking on that ship and visiting exotic beaches. Resort 19 is closing this coming Thursday. Check it out! Happy Monday, Yael

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