Thought of the week - Safety

My son works for START, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. He helps with organizing data on the targets of terrorist attacks around the world. I would get a daily report from him of where and how many attacks happened that day or that month in different countries. I thought being Israeli and used to that data would not bother me at all. But hearing the dry information of a country and number of attacks again and again did take a toll after a while. I asked him if it affected him and in what way. He said it humbled him and made him grateful for living in the US. We think we have problems, and of course we do, but we also forget how much we have just by living in a free country and not dealing with the daily stress of feeling safe. Here's an example of a month's attacks :
Country Attacks
Australia 1
Germany 2
India 67
Israel 9
Mexico 1
Nepal 40
Philippines 63
Sweden 3
United Kingdom 6
United States 4
Grand Total 196
Do you ever feel unsafe? Happy Monday, Yael

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