Thought of the week - Retail

It was so good to be reminded this past weekend of how irreplaceable shopping in a physical store is.
There was a short time during these past 2 years that we thought the online world of retail would take over 100% but spending time in stores these last 2 days proved the opposite. We learned that ladies love to come in and spend time and money with the store they love. There is no replacement for the physical experience, for the social interaction and the one on one experience.
It’s a hard job but so rewarding.

Seeing retailers in action is quite something; knowing what to show the customer, building outfits, styling them and keeping them interested all while standing on your feet for hours.
I bow to all of you working in the world of retail!
Thank you Kathy at Possibilities and Robbie at Gaia for the warm welcome to North Carolina and to your circle. I learned a lot!

Happy Monday,

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