Thought of the week - October 4th Workshop

Many of you have raised the question and the challenge of hiring this past year. As we come out of almost 2 years of this pandemic and focus on rebuilding our businesses, there is a need for a strong team to support this shift.

Thanks to Katie Steffes @Capsule who introduced me to Cobi Collins, we will have an interactive workshop with Cobi on Monday, October 4th, at 1:00pm EST.

As Katie told me: "Cobi was my source of all things HR when I decided I wanted to really invest in my business and my people to make sure I had the right talent in the right position to dig out of the hole that was 2020.

I employed Cobi to help me define the various roles that make up my team and identify the best possible fit - both in skill set and personality - for those positions. Our work then continued into creating a hiring guide which gave me step by step instructions on how to interview and hire the best candidate. Next up came an on-boarding guide to help me train and review a new hire.
And lastly, she serves as a mentor and consultant to me".

You are all invited to participate! We will send the zoom link the Sunday before, as always.

Happy Monday,

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