Thought of the week - NYC in September

Many of you are asking if it is safe to come to NYC this coming September.
3 months ago I might have said it was not. There were many homeless and mentally ill people who had to leave their shelters due to COVID and ended up on the streets. 
To add to that, midtown was a ghost town and the emptiness of it, the lack of people, made it feel unsafe.
But we are happy and proud as NYers to say that is our past.  Midtown is up and running. Restaurants are booking up for reservations and hotels are starting to fill up as well.

We were one of the first cities across America to implement outdoor dining and it continues to be successful and we love it!
Some have closed but new ones continue to open and this is true for hotels as well!  
Make sure to stop by Ramini Cafe on 37th street when you come to see us. He is still the best for coffee and pastries.
Go see Alice Neel at the Met and visit Edge - the balcony in Hudson Yards. Quite something!

Cabs and Ubers are operating and Broadway is opening its doors. 

She may still be a little "under the weather" but NYC is getting stronger everyday!  We are excited to have you share the energy with us in September!

If you are staying in the Midtown area and want hotel or restaurant recommendations, please let us know!

Happy Monday,

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