Thought of the week - Meet Tex

This past weekend I visited Nadine at Tiger's Eye; one of our retailers in Lititz, PA.
I met Tex there. She is 102 years old! 
She came into the store with her walker, her hair done and was ready to shop!
She tried on things, asked for some pins to show the staff where she needed the jacket shortened, she was vibrant and was having fun! 
I couldn't take my eyes off her and asked her "how"?
She said she loved living and made sure to learn something new everyday. She starts her morning with a drop of Baileys in her coffee and keeps moving.
She also sleeps on her back so as not to spoil her hairdo, which she does once a week.
Her blue glasses matched her eye makeup and the jacket she was wearing that day.
I am still inspired.
How do you start your day?
Happy Monday,

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