Thought of the week - Jackie

10 years ago I opened Rootchi, a retail store on the upper west side of Manhattan, the neighborhood where I live. I wanted to see what it meant to be a retailer. (And oh boy I saw!!) It was a good journey that ended last Thursday. As we finished out our 10 year lease. It is not easy to be a good retailer. You really have to know what you are doing: Who you are buying for, markup, merchandising, selling!!!, customer service, marketing and management. And more than anything, every retail store needs a Jackie. Thank you Jackie for many years of loyalty, motivation, energy, creativity, efficiency and growth. One can't ask for anything more. Your ability to see a woman's body and know exactly what to give her, to take care of the AC that broke down on the hottest day of the year, to opening 25 boxes that just arrived all by yourself and to drive into the city at 5:00am because an employee left the door unlocked, you are one of a kind! Only you can do what you do! I will miss you! Good luck on your next big journey! Much love, Yael

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