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I am proud to share with you the below article about Hagar Alembik, Alembika head designer, who is receiving a lifetime achievement award.

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Over 3 decades of creativity - 

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Hagar Alembik, the Israeli designer behind “Alembika” will be receiving a lifetime achievement award as part of the “2023 TLV FAC KORNIT FASHION WEEK” that is planned for this upcoming March. Today, Alembika is the largest leading fashion designer coming from Israel. 

Alembik was chosen for the recognizable iconic stamp over fashion and the strong impact she had over 35 years. She is considered to be Israel’s most valuable designer and the most successful international designer. In addition to that Alembika is the largest Israeli exporter in the fashion industry. Alembika will be presenting its SS23 collection in the upcoming fashion week. 

Moti Reif, the producer behind “2023 TLV FAC KORNIT FASHION WEEK” says: 

“We are proud about choosing Hagar Alembik and Alembika for her lifetime achievement award. Hagar is the strongest, leading fashion designers in israel who has been continuously designing fashion over 3 decades. She is an integral part of the israeli woman and the israeli fashion. Hagar is a staple and a model for many designers and young artists in the fashion world, for creating her own language of fashion and design.” 

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