Thought of the Week - Fear

Most of us are surprised when a family member, a friend or a partner gets sick. It seems like it always catches us off guard. No matter how much we know we will all get sick and die one day, we keep pretending like it will not happen and then are very surprised when it does. The awareness of the fact that we are here temporarily, helps me stay in touch with the present moment but also helps me remember that it is not forever.

There is a great Buddhist practice using our breath as a reminder. I inhale, I am alive, I exhale, I die. In and out. Every moment. 
There is a Jewish prayer before we go to sleep: "Hamaapil" where we call for God to protect us in our sleep (when we sleep, we "die") and when we wake up, we pray "Mode Ani". We are thankful for waking  to another day.
These are all great tools to help us remember and live a full life. Not to scare us.
So when we do get sick, we are not so afraid. 
What makes you scared?
Happy Monday!

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