Thought of the week - Fall Deliveries

I have spoken with many of you but not with all and I wanted everyone to be in the loop.
As most of you know, we are experiencing delays in deliveries mainly due to delays in fabric deliveries, overbooked cargo flights and understaffed channels from airports to customs clearance.  This is a situation we did not anticipate and we are quite overwhelmed by.
Factories are overloaded with work and lack staffing. (Same issue we have as retailers, everyone else in the world suffers from. The workforce is not fully back). Flights and ships are overbooked and keep being cancelled. Some with backlogs of a month.
I am very conscious of your timeline and your need for the goods you ordered. We expect to have the entirety of the Fall Alembika line, including stock, by Sept. 15th. We received a small batch today and expect the final shipment next week. We will work tirelessly, weekends included,  to make sure you are all shipped as quickly as we can possibly make that happen. 
If there is a style or an order that is specifically urgent, please let me know and we will try to air it if we have it here.
Thank you all for working with us.
These are interesting times and we acknowledge and appreciate your patience.

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