Thought of the Week - Election Year

We cannot control everything - weather, politics, cyber attacks, global warming, new flavor for Starbucks :) But we can control our approach towards these phenomenons. We can remember that no matter who the next president is, we will still have our business; we will overcome this period of time filled with hesitations, and we can remind our customers and ourselves that this fear everyone is talking about is ONLY in our heads. It is not reality. Everything is and will be OK! We will have a Fall and then Winter and Spring will arrive again as it did 4 years ago. And whether it be Trump or Hillary in the end, we will still need that dress to wear to our X-mas party and to our best friend's shower or that cozy sweater on a cold winter night. I needed this reminder! Happy Tuesday! Yael.
Yael Edelist Yael Edelist

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