Thought of the Week - Confession

I have a confession to make. Actually it's a team confession.'s about SHOPIFY. We started to work on an online store when we introduced the idea to you all through three webinar sessions. We thought it would be easy-peasy and fun. We knew we needed to put some time and labor into it but thought it would be easy to achieve. 4 months into it and I must admit: Setting up an online store is hard work! Setting up, taking photos, putting all channels in place, promote, and then what about sales? It is hard but possible! After the first 40 hours we put into it, we can now invest 1 hour a day to promote. We learned our lessons regarding the photos and what format we needed to use, we learned what look we want to have by trying a few so now we can be more efficient. We will be happy to support any of you in this annoying part of setting up if you are up to it. We know what worked for us and what didn't. Is it hard? Yes! Is it possible? Yes Yes Yes. Do we have to do it? YES. Do we have time? Yes, but we must make it a priority! Keep us posted with where your online store is at. We are here to help! Happy Monday, Yael unnamed-1

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