Thought of the Week - Chicago

This past weekend was a big weekend in Chicago.
Our wonderful reps Andi and Randy announced their plans to retire. They will be wrapping up their long run with the Resort collections in June and July. 
In order for a relationship to work between a brand and a rep there should be a deep trust. And we have that with Andi and Randy. It will be hard to replace.
These two are a rare team. They are a couple who work well together!  Andi never gets tired and is always happy to work hard for her stores while Randy offers the best hospitality with good wine, small bites and music to keep the buyers nourished and happy.
We and our stores will miss them terribly. 
I wanted to share the love our stores have for you, Andi and Randy, and my endless appreciation for so many years of a wonderful partnership. 
Wishing you many years of new ventures and exploring.
Happy Monday,


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