Thought of the Week - Change

Change is never actually bad.... We recently started feeling that everything was under control. Most of our designers shipped early and the shows ended well. We know what we are doing next season and where we are showing. Travel was smooth through the markets and we were so happy we got to see many of your faces. Then came the wave of change... We got an email from Susan, our favorite show owner of Atelier, that she is not moving forward with the show as she had some contract issues with the Double Tree Hotel. We will miss her and the show. (Don't panic now, we are working on a solution as a group). One of our designers messed up our production so goods that came in on the packing list were not actually packed in our boxes. 2 out of our 3 guys working in our warehouse got sick and didn't come this morning so shipping is slower this Monday. Sound familiar? Nothing is permanent! Just as we think we got it all nailed down! A small reminder of a ground rule: Conditions and reality keep changing and we just have to accept it and change with them. And not loose our head over it. Happy Monday! Yael unnamed (5)

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