Thought of the Week - Are you Woke?

It can be hard to be politically correct these days. I may come across biased or naive or not "woke" enough as my children would say.
I forget to use "they" when speaking about a person that identifies as gender fluid.  I don't think about the pronouns we use to describe ourselves the same way this generation does. I describe a person by what my eyes see (Whether he/she is black, white, female or male) and that could be offensive, I hear.

I lose patience when Kindergarten teachers discuss gender with their 5 year old students and It feels like you can say or do nothing without offending someone. We are so quick in judging each other's behaviours. Pointing out the ill speech of others while ignoring our own wrong doings. 

Can we pay attention to a person's intention when they speak without initial judgement?
Can we educate each other without lecturing or scolding?
Can we be a little more patient with one another? 

Happy Monday!

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