Thought of the week - Are we OK?

It is suddenly February of 2022 and I can't help wondering where all these months went?
I was in survival mode for so long and now can finally start to let that feeling go.
The losses and despair of the last 48 months are slowly falling behind us.  
We learned so many new things about our businesses and ourselves and it's time to apply them all.
There was a sense of disconnect for too long. From myself and my surroundings. 

It's a good month to check in with our teams, with our staff. To see where they each are, their goals and their plans to get there. 
As I bounce back to my own sense of being, I have started to check in with my team and where they are. 

Can you take the time for some one on one time with your employees?
Can you see their needs and how you can help meet them together?

Happy Monday,


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