Thought of the week - April Alembika trunk shows

We had 12 trunk shows this month and it seems like people love it when they are invited to an in-store event and given that special attention, don't they?! 
I find trunk shows exhausting but I see how it can work when we do them right.

Here is how it is done well:

* There is enough of a presentation of the brand on the floor. 
* We ship production pieces of new styles, not samples, so the customer can try on and take home with her immediately.
* The store promotes it heavily with their customers and we promote it on our end with Alembika fans.
* We give customers a gift with their purchase.

If you have a $5000 order with us, you are featured on our site at: and if you are not there, let us know.

Carla, our new social media manager will reach out to you asking for photos and your store story so we can post it and introduce you personally.

We are excited to continue developing these new avenues of business with you all.

Happy Monday,


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