Thought of the Week - Anger

While traveling in Italy with a group last week,I was able to look at anger closely and work with it. Being in a group keeps one from acting out . For example; We were about to go to lunch in Florence after meeting an interesting guy who shared some great information about the Cathars. He wanted to take us to look at something related to the Cathars not far from the location we were in so we started to follow him but somehow most of us got separated from him and kind of lost.

This was the first time the group got separated (last day of our trip) and many of us got frustrated. We were hungry and tired and lunch was the right thing to do and now it got delayed.  Being in a non-reactive group allowed me to watch my own feelings better. No one raised their voices. No one bad mouthed anyone. 

We suggested to our group leader to go to the restaurant and text those who followed him to join us when they were done. It took another 10 minutes standing before she decided to do so.

In those 10 minutes I was able to watch my anger dissolve. Not reacting to it, pausing, allowed it to go away. It was so clear. So good to see. I will try to remember this when anger and frustration arises in the office with my team. 

Can you look at your anger?  How do you handle it?

Happy Monday,

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