Look of The Week - Roni Rabl Welcomes JNBY!

JNBY is a leading designer brand based in China - now launching in the US with an edgy, funky line. email yael (at) ronirabl . com for details! Founded in 1990's, JNBY is a women’s clothing brand that has grown and developed, possessing an eminent reputation and high recognition, and attracting, since its inception, an entourage of followers with the same ideas about life. JNBY has become the most representative women’s clothing brand in China today with the slogan it conveys of “Just Naturally Be Yourself” deeply rooted in the hearts of its customers. JNBY is looking to combine aesthetic elements like “Modern, Vitality, Charming, Serenity” together as well as to focus on research and improving materials, aiming to revive the sentiment of our designs through the experience of wearing them.

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