Kedziorek AW19 - Everyday art

Kedziorek is a Polish brand putting sincerity, comfort and an artful approach with an avant-garde touch to its garments. Minimalism, precise cut and high-quality materials are the main values of the brand founded by Joanna Kedziorek in 2004. Joanna Kedziorek finds her inspiration in the urban landscape, in the contrast between rough and elevated, and in the daily hidden beauty. In the latest Autumn-Winter collection, Kedziorek brings its artistic inspirations to life. Graffiti takes centre stage in the collection, which brings everyday art to the front. Relentless yet delicate, pushing yet caring, Kedziorek's AW19 collection is a tour-de-force of avant-garde fashion gone casual. With its oversized tops, elegant lines and brave cuts, Kedziorek brings you a collection that will let you accent your best self at a dinner party or during a night in town. Keeping a delicate and smart balance, the 2019 Autumn-Winter collection is colorful and minimalistic, never going over-the-top with its' ambition and creativity. It is a brave step from Kedziorek, a brand that puts accent on minimalist, monochromatic collections, to give a boost to strong reds and dominant prints. Nevertheless, it is under the great eye of Joanna Kedziorek that this collection manages to keep loyal to Kedziorek's main design principles; a brand that keeps an uncompromising approach to fashion and art, always pushing forward towards a new and exciting iteration. Meet us at CLEVELAND SHOW 11th APRIL - 12th APRIL DETROIT SHOW 14th APRIL - 15th APRIL SAN MATEO SHOW 14th APRIL - 16th APRIL And place your orders of this fantastic Kedziorek Autumn Winter 2019 collection.

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