What else? The Little Black Dress!

Is the LITTLE BLACK DRESS making a comeback?
No! It is HERE TO STAY just like High Heals!
Vogue editors claims that this DRESS is for a certain type of urban young professional who grew up on a steady diet of Vogue & Sex and the City. Is the new tailor-made design really catering to the Carrie Bradshaw in all of us?
If you ask me - I would personally prefer to cater to the Kate Middleton in all of us, now nick-named Kate the Great. Modern day black dress being new & perky, sometimes bold and very, very wearable.
The original classic of the little black dress look is, and will always be, Audrey Hepburn's look from the movie 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'; with the pearl necklace, polished look and sophistication of a young N.Y socialite who goes to Paris where she gets entangled with 2 men. A classic comedy with a very classic outcome. This is the classic Coco Chanel, little black dress.
I actually like this subdued sophistication, yet I like it even better when it gets reinvented with new fabrics such as the Breathable/Washable/Wrinkle free/high sensitivity to Eco system techno fabric that is most of all, highly comfortable.
This fabric made it's first introduction in High Fashion by Marithe et Francois Jirbaud in the 1980's and in one flip of one designer's fantasy, launched a new era of bold fabrics from Active wear garments into Urban & Travel fashion for all ages.
Bolder looks with exquisite design, are pushing their way into our closet. YES, EVEN WITH THE LBD!
A mix of high quality fabrics & subtle prints influenced by Art, are great ingredients to turn an old fashioned concept into a look with Umph.
Lena Qvadrat from Art Point, based in Vienna, took the prints of artist Malevich and his views of Constructivism and turned it into the most beautifully designed Little Black dresses.
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Art & Fashion are having a revival, with a strong inter-relationship.
I side with Fashion!
This dress will hang on my Body - not on a wall.
This is real Art - being able to make this kind of transformation.

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