Thought of the Week - Zoom Zoom Zoom

Today during Zoom we each talked about the 2 or 3 good things that happened to us during Covid.
It is so important to acknowledge the difficulties as we tend to ignore the enormous emotional and financial toll these last 10 months took on us but as we are working so hard on surviving, we forget to notice and acknowledge the good that happened.
Let me share some of the highlights from today:
* Many of us feel we are better buyers and more focused on our businesses since March.
* We all deepened our relationships with our customers, friends, and family.
* We learned about patience
* We learned about gratitude
* We learned about loyalty. And to let go of those who are not.
* We have a different look at "time" and many of us went back to reading and slowing down.
* We are learning to appreciate silence and solitude even at times when it's quite loud.
* We appreciate our group that keeps supporting us all.
What good happened to you during Covid?
Everyone is invited to join. We meet every Monday at 1:00 pm EST.
I know many of you cannot join us as you are running your stores alone. We will continue to post our sessions in our closed Facebook group:
Happy Monday.

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