Thought of the week - Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a day when we try to reflect and contemplate, staying quiet, fasting and looking at the past year. We try to learn from our mistakes, ask for forgiveness from those we hurt and try to think about the next year and how we want to enter it.
This past year was so challenging and so hard but I learned a lot. I learned who my partners are, I learned a lot about my business and its needs, I learned about those people I don't want around me and how precious life is.
Working under pressure and fear took a toll on all of us. What a great opportunity to learn.
I mainly want to keep asking myself :
Do I live the life I want?
Do I show gratitude to those I love?
Do I take care of myself?
Wishing you all a very good week.
We are all together in this!!

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