Thought of the week - What we've learned

We are starting our 3rd week of daily zooming and I wanted to point out some of the big picture visions I took from our talks :
* The last few weeks are for us to think and plan how we reopen. We need to use this time to connect with our customers socially and strengthen our relationship with them. Be bold. Be authentic. Bring content.
* We do not sell. We connect. Sales will come.
* Our stores will become our customers' safe haven. When we reopen, we will use the store space as "safe space" to shop, to connect and to have coffee too as restaurants and cafes will open later. We need to leverage that.
* Having an online presence becomes a necessity. It doesn't have to be an online store. We can start selling through social media first.
* A closed Facebook group is good to have! It is where you connect to your customers.
* We can start with a small online store. We don't need to upload a full collection when we launch. Start and see what happens.
* Test all marketing tools : Facebook ads, Instagram ads , Google ads , Google shopping. Start small. Test results.
* Make sure you have masks, sanitizers and a steamer to steam every piece someone tries on. Heat above 60 degrees will kill any virus.
* The number to call to follow up on SBA loans (Not PPP) is 1800-659-2955 and ask for the "tear 2 person" to get answers.
* We hear about as another good shipping option.
That is how things go.
Happy Week,

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