Thought of the week - Veterans Day

In Israel, where I grew up, we all must serve in the army after we finish high school. Boys give 3 years and girls 2. The army service is an honor and we all see it as a basic thing to do. Israelis tend to disrespect those who try to skip it.
Soldiers are loved and the only time we see guns in Israel is when we see soldiers carrying them around.
I know people who got hurt, injured and died during my service and during my life. We all know at least one family who had a member killed or injured. The fear of it is our everyday reality.
It was interesting for me to come to the US and to see how the army can be a job and a career you chose.
A profession. It gives it a very different flavor.
Do you know anyone who serves or served in the army? Do you know anyone who got hurt or died?
Happy Veterans Day to all the brave women and men that go to fight for our freedoms every day.
Below: My father, mother, me and my nephew .

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