Thought of the Week: This Past Year

As our team moved to daily Zoom meetings instead of meetings in person, Fatima and Alin maneuvered between work and child care.

Three employees had Covid in our office and we had to keep shipping because it was the beginning of a season, one lost a brother to Covid and we know so many of our customer's relatives or employees that passed on.

Stores closed and NYC was hurting terribly. But we somehow kept moving on and stayed on track. We put the fear aside. We were in survival mode like the rest of you. All of us. And it worked. We managed. But our bodies remember.

These past few weeks I had sensations in my body that I never had before. New aches, new discomforts, tight jaw, headaches and feeling anxious and hyper. I can go to see my doctor and run some tests but I also know that these aches are mainly contributed to a year full of holding tight. Staying afloat. Continuously moving and looking up and never down.

We now need to adjust slowly to the world opening up. Feeling safe again and walking around without a mask will take some time. Do you give yourself time to grieve, feel, adjust?

Happy Week,


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