Thought of the week - The Market Place

Last month we participated in a Glossy conference which put big marketers and beauty / luxury industries (see below) in one room to discuss their insights regarding marketing efforts, in order to stand out in this crowded retail landscape. WE TOOK SOME NOTES TO SHARE WITH YOU: * Email marketing is so important! * Segmentation is key - your email and social media are directed towards a group of women of different ages, sizes and colors! Market the right message to the right audience. * Catalogs work to bring people in the store but also to send them online. * Content at center - product at the end! Tell your story!! * Give your client a place to try on and feel the clothes! She needs that experience! Brick and mortar locations are IMPORTANT !! Research proved that a customer needs and loves the experience of coming into a store to create that personal touch with the clothes and the staff! These facts confirmed what we have been feeling all along about our boutique customer. We have to be online, as without it we lose a big share of today's business, but a store that runs well is as important as its online platform. What are your thoughts? Happy Monday! Yael

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