Thought of the week - Sustainability

It is very trendy now and relevant to be mindful of the word "sustainability". Companies use it left and right (Us too) because that's what the audience wants to hear.
I sometimes resent it. How do I know that my designers are environmentally conscious when producing their clothes? And what does it really mean when Zara and H&M use the word "organic" when producing their massive amounts of fast fashion; tossed out as quickly as it's purchased? What happens to the excess items? The excess fabric?
I only know and believe what I can see with my own eyes:
I know that producing small quantities, using less fabrics, less time of machinery, less oil, less washing, less dying will create less waste.
I know that producing in small factories like our designers do in Japan, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Greece and Israel costs more money but allows our ladies to be paid well. I see them. I see how they are dressed, their faces, their attitude and I know their employer and I ask!
So I can comfortably and proudly put in print that at Roni Rabl we care about sustainability.
We use quality fabrics that last and create styles that are timeless rather than one hit wonders.
We care about our product, the process and the people who make it for us. We make small quantities, in small factories, with so much respect to the women and men behind it.
Happy Monday,

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