Thought of the week - Silver lining

Monday Zoom calls uplift my spirits tremendously! Today was especially brilliant!
Sharing our experiences as the country is starting to reopen and as we are all learning new ways of being in business and with each other are priceless!
Let me share a few ideas with you all -
* Zoom trunk show with a high end jewelry designer that brought 35 sales. Customers enjoyed the interaction with each other and were happy to shop.
* Art + Fashion in store event - great success! Presenting a painter, showing her paintings in 3 different stations in the store, merchandise matched with the store's clothing.15 ladies at the time, split into 3 different areas, 3 different times a day - 12:00pm / 2:00pm / 6:00pm. Customers pre-booked their seats.
* Pick your top 25 - 50 customers and offer them to take over the store for their own private events and shop!
* Do small birthday parties at the store - invite all your June born to an evening of play and drink. Some social games and shopping!
* Keep communicating with your customers through facebook and Instagram live. One store had a Live Fashion show on Facebook and took orders.
* Keep booking Personal appointments. We hear good feedback and good sales.
Now more than ever, our ladies look for the experience and YOU are it!
She wants that personal touch.
Happy Monday and thank you all !!!

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