Thought of the week - Self Care

We met with an insurance broker at the office last week to learn about the options we have under our health insurance plan and to talk about the different needs we each have according to our age, family situation and our care wishes when the time comes. We mainly wanted to know what coverage we have under our plan. What Medicare will cover and what we need to add in case we want to have home care at the end of our lives. It was so educational and so important to hear. We learned that health insurance alone will not cover us for full home care. We will need to buy a supplement plan for that. (It is affordable! The sooner you do it the better). We also learned about Community Medicaid that we should all know about!! Check it out and see if this program is available in your state. This can be a perfect solution for full home care and no monthly expense. (An amazing program!). We are also looking into long term care insurance that will give a full home care coverage. I see so many people ending their lives in a way they would have not chosen if they had the choice. It feels great and empowering to take charge. To talk about it now, to look into the options and just ask the question of how we want to be cared for in a serious illness, chronic condition or end of life. Don't wait! Happy Monday!

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