Thought of the week - See You all Next Week!

Dear all, We are counting down the days till our next Studio Atelier. Please join us for a day of fashion, art, food, drinks and music on Sunday the 24th. I am especially excited about the artist guests who will entertain us with their talents. At 2:00 pm, the amazing illustrator Rina Khadivi will be painting the 6th floor walls with special calligraphy for Studio Atelier NYC. At 6:00 pm, the wonderful musicians Carrie and Fuzz, of Caravan of Thieves, will fill the air with their engaging and fun musical act. On a personal note, last Thursday, on Valentines Day, our Fatima had a beautiful boy, Aiden, and I am happy and relieved to know that both mom and baby are safe and healthy. We will definitely miss her at the event! Happy Monday, Yael

Carrie and Fuzz

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