Thought of the week - Plans and Life

My daughter asked me how my week was. I said "challenging". She asked: " What were the best and worst parts?"
That made me think deeper:
The worst was experiencing the horrific noise from the Hudson Yards construction that was next door to our show which created a lot of discomfort and frustration, more than I can describe to those who weren't there.
But the best part was feeling the support that buyers and vendors showed. You guys did not leave the booth. Those who I worked with comforted me (It was hard for me to hide my emotions and I was quite devastated). I was supposed to comfort you!
The show went on! And it was all thanks to you! I have carried this feeling with me since last Monday. This is unreal.
Thank you all for staying with us.
We work so hard to make these 3 days as comfortable and as inviting as possible and this was a good example of how there are some things you cannot rely on. But you can rely on relationships.
Thank you all for coming, for staying, for working with us, for hanging in, for holding me and make it another successful show.
Happy Monday ,

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