Thought of the week - Personal Thank You

This was a big month for us at Roni Rabl. Fatima had a baby boy, Georgia went through surgery and Studio Atelier came along while Spring 19 production started to come in. I learned a lot about myself and about running a business. I especially learned that when your crew feels an ownership in their roles it makes us all work better. They each feels as responsible to the business as I am. Our warehouse guys took ownership on shipping out the orders, making sure we have everything we need for the show, setting us up, and keeping the showroom neat and ready for us when we came back. I didn't ask for any of it. They knew what the business needed. They own it. Thank you Gloria, Agustin, Wilbert and Jose. Anca comes to work even when she is tired or sick because "she has so much to do and ship, she cannot stay home". She is usually the last one to leave the office. She made sure the water, the fruits, the chocolates and napkins are all ordered for the show on time. I don't have to remember it or remind her. Thank you Anca! Georgia came to the office that week of the show after chemo because " I want to pay commissions to the reps before my next round and make sure all vendors are paid off before the show, and the credit cards and tax returns are due........." . I didn't even know:). Thank you George! Alin led the marketing front, 24/7. And if you know her and the team, you know they work around the clock. They took care of all the show marketing, photography, calligraphy, Music, social media and website. Thank you Alin, Mark and Domi! Jackie who is our store manager made sure the store is covered so she can be with me on the set up day and help me put together our booth and fit in everyone beautifully. I would never know how. Thank you Jackie! Fatima who had a baby on Valentines day, was available that day and since then every day to answer questions and help us with Nuorder. Thank you Fatim!! Our wonderful reps showed up and were there to cover for Fatima and took control of the booth at Studio Atelier. Thank you guys! It was all felt. It makes me cry. We all work so hard. It is so rewarding to work with people you trust. And of course, without YOU, our retail community, nothing would happen! THANK YOU! Happy Monday, Yael

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