Thought of the week - Meet Tzvia

I met a woman everyone has to know about. Tzvia Bader. Tzvia is the founder of Trialjectory, a platform that helps cancer patients find clinical trials tailored to their needs. Clinical trials and advanced treatment have now become the forefront of medicine, where doctors now look up for best optimal results. Tzvia herself, 45, has lived with melanoma for the past 5 years treated by chemo, surgery, and a trial she found and discussed with her doctor. She is in remission and in control of her health and healing. But Tzvia had to invest a lot of time and and effort to find a trial that was good for her. And she is tech savvy. Trials are out there but are very hard to find. Government websites are very confusing and hard to manage. That's what brought Tzvia to open her startup 2 years ago. is very easy and friendly to use. You can also join a Facebook page and schedule an appointment to ask your questions directly. The team will help you find a match. Many of us will get a diagnosis sooner or later. Trialjectory directed hundreds of patients to trials they would never know about otherwise. Oncologists are very busy and cannot be 100% informed on what's going on in the world of trials. If you go to and have a specific question or want to get in touch with Tzvia, please let me know. I will connect you. Happy Monday, Yael

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