Thought of the Week - Leaking

My Tai Chi teacher uses the term "leak" to describe wasted energy. How can we try to contain our "ball of chi" and not waste it; how do we avoid "overdoing" because it looks or feels better? He would say, "To stay aligned and vertical, think down, not out." It feels very different when I don't spread the chi or waste it. There is a sense of relief and calmness in the body when I use the energy in front of me.
We leak energy daily at the office. We use the code word "leak" when we feel one of us has just wasted important energy that could have been used better or more skillfully. How do we enter the office in the morning? What is the first thing we say to each other? Is it important to write a long email to be "right?"
How do you leak?
How do you bring spiritual practice into your life?
Happy Monday,

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