Thought of the week - Join us tomorrow for Digital Power Hour

HI everyone
Thank you for those who joined us last Thursday for our first Zoom meeting.
It was a true pleasure to see everyone's faces.
Alin will email you a link tomorrow morning. If any of you want to join, please reply here with a "yes".
We took notes from the call and started to work on a few questions that came up and I hope that by now most of us are also connected through our closed Facebook group. If not, let us know and we will make sure to add you in.
Tomorrow we will cover the first step in creating your online community. We think that 8 meetings will cover all bases and then we will help you individually after you each evaluate your specific needs, what works and what doesn't as we all have different stories and different needs.
We will talk about what makes an online store successful or not in general and if any of you need help in resizing photos for your online or some help in copy, Fatima offered her help. She is available to help with that every evening after her kids are in bed:) So please reach out.
Again, we posted the links to our professional images on our Facebook group. Open access. NO need for permission.
Use them!
Happy Monday,

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