Thought of the week - Hello from Japan

We landed in crowded Tokyo and walked to the hotel which was 5 minutes away. My first impression of Tokyo was how quiet it was. 10 million people and there is no loud noises or voices. It was quite remarkable and hard to ignore. Streams of people in the train tunnels and on the streets and it is all done quietly. Quite pleasant. The respect for the other person is admirable as well. Visiting the JIU design team and offices in Tokyo and Osaka had the same vibe. JIU is one of the top brands for the company, Noriem. It employs hundreds of people and yet, the offices there had a quiet calm as well. People sitting in meetings, or sitting by their desks, meeting for coffee in a sitting area or on the phone, all done quietly. It was a gift to visit. Seeing all up close. Watching their attention to detail and quality while staying super creative was wonderful. JIU is designing the fabric and yarns. They start from the raw material up. Not many companies in the world do that. It is just too hard and expensive to do. That what makes Japanese work different and unique. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with Ms. Takahashi and her team and to share these beauties with you all. Happy Monday everyone. Yael

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