Thought of the week - Happy Mother's Day

How did we all end up in the Fashion industry? My daughter always wonders what brought me into this field as I am not into dressing up at all. I tell her, it's MY mother who instilled in me the fashion bug and who gave me a passion to dress up other people. This is also where my daughter herself got her great eye for clothing and style as well. ( I am still catching up to these 2:). My mother was always stylish, always bought my sister and I our beautiful clothes and always knew what would work best for us. She was always trendy and chic. Look at Roni in her 30's. (photo on left). Much before she started her business and her own designs. Fashionista or what!! ? She was always so ahead of the curve! Her granddaughter, following in her fashion footsteps. (photo on right) How do you remember your mother in terms of fashion as a child? What she wore and how it may have influenced you? Please send us your story and a photo so we can share! Happy early Mother's Day! Yael unnamed (7) unnamed (6)

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