Thought of the week - Giving

It is a busy week! Tomorrow is Super Tuesday, the flu season is here, coronavirus is taking center stage in the news. So many questions with no answers leaves many of us a bit anxious and feeling hopeless.
This week also brings us International Women's Day and we felt that one good solution for these feelings is to help others and forget about our miseries and self worry.
As we celebrate women this week, Roni Rabl will donate to a non profit organization called "100 women strong Berrien" which is a local organization in Berrien County that started simply with 100 local donors/women committed to supporting those women who otherwise are self sufficient but who have hit a “ bump in the road”. 100 Women Strong provides financial grants to help get these women back on the road to self sufficiency.
Feeling down or stressed? Looking outward and helping another might help you.
Happy Monday everyone,

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