Thought of the week - Falling

My Tai Chi teacher speaks a lot about falling and know how to "fall well". In Tai Chi we prevent falling by sinking and staying in alignment. I love the feeling of sinking, feeling the ground, feet flat on the floor while staying balanced. So how do we bring it to our lives? How can we fall well? What is the sinking I can do when I fall in my life? He keeps asking us...... and I keep asking myself. For me, learning to pause is doing it. Helping with the falls. Give me time to find my breath, acknowledge and accept and to follow up with the right response or action. We all fall. Life is full of fallings. Do you know how to do it well? For those of you who celebrate Rosh Hashanah, make it a good year, full of balance and soft fallings. Happy Monday, Yael

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