Thought of the week - Facebook Grants and Udemy courses for $10

Dear Community, This week we wanted to bring to your attention two highly critical services which you should use as soon as possible. The first is Facebook Grants - Facebook has granted $100 Million to small businesses. For businesses of 2-50 people, who are older than 1 year, impacted by COVID-19 and (here's the catch) operate where Facebook provides the grants, Facebook is giving grants to help keep your business going. You must apply ASAP as you won't be the only one applying, the review time is long, and the longer you wait, the longer the queue and the fewer the funds. Apply here: The second service we wanted to bring to your attention is UDEMY, an online course website that offers a plethora of courses on any topic. The UDEMY courses (usually $200) are offered today for around $10 each BUT TODAY ONLY!! Plus, we got a special code for Roni Rabl stores only - a one time discount code which you can use to receive the best price that's currently available for all eligible courses. The code is SUPPORT_R5J8KKVWRJC28RDN which expires on April 19th. This is your chance to learn instagram, facebook, google etc - full blown courses - for a few dollars! This includes Google Ads course from Isaac Rudansky who will be our guest speaker next week in the Digital Power Hour! Stay tuned for details. I hope you all had a great, restful Easter and I will see you tomorrow in our Digital Power Hour! Yael

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