Thought of the week - Employees

How much do we share with our employees?
Do you want them to know how well the company is doing or how bad?
Do you share your personal views about the world with them? Family? Politics?
How well do you truly know your employees? And do we need to know them that well ?
What works for you and your business?
I find that for me, to be more inclusive works better. My team knows when I struggle and when we succeed we all share the fortune and joy.
Employees need direction and feedback. They need a trusting and supportive work environment. How can we provide that ?
One of our customers told me she is sending a monthly newsletter to her employees about how the company is doing and what the plans for this coming month or season. She talks about her buying trips and what she is looking for. I liked that idea.
How much do you share with your team? How well do you know each other?
Happy Monday,

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