Thought of the week - Covid Brain

In the mornings, on my way to work, I like to pick up fruit from the guy on the corner of 96th street.
Last week I picked my fruit and when I was about to pay him I couldn't find my purse. I looked in my bag, I knew it was there 2 minutes ago when I paid for my coffee but I couldn't find it.
I started sweating and telling him I don't have my purse but kept looking into my bag quite anxiously thinking about all the things I have there that I need.
It took me a few more minutes to realize I was holding it under my armpit. Holding it tight.....
I call people twice with the same message, shipping yellow instead of navy, forgetting stuff , mis-scheduling meetings and thinking I told someone something while I didn't.
I thought I was menopausing (could be) but realized it was COVID brain that I am suffering from. Completely scattered.
There is too much on our plate and in our minds these days. We should remember that when tears come up or when we feel like snapping.
Not a good time to stop your Zoloft or to decide to get a divorce. Instead, let's wait for this storm to quiet down so we can see clearly. Let's pause.
How is your COVID brain doing?
Happy Monday.

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