Thought of the week - Corona and More

Hello dear community.
What a crazy time we are in! Let's take a deep breath together and see what adjustments we have to make. Try to stay curious about it all and stay connected! This is the most important thing!
Great time to develop rituals! At home, at work, with yourself. I find the hand washing soothing lately. Do it slowly and think about all of us as you do it. Holding hands. We are not alone.
In terms of work and business -
All orders that we ship starting today until the end of April will get 10% off and no shipping charges.
Please use this money to send your customers pick boxes at home so they can continue to shop. Stay in touch with them. I see my friends get the "cabin fever" and buy online.
Work on your online options and think creatively.; let's share ideas!
I will share all thoughts with everyone through email and our Facebook group.
If you are not in that group yet, please join here.
Our office is open for now and we are always available via email. Please share how you are doing and let us support each other.
Whether business or personal, we are here for you, our community.
Happy safe Monday,

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